Agata Suchocka

Agata Suchocka: singer, songwriter, composer, painter, poet, translator, and author. Born in Wrocław, Suchocka has been writing for more than twenty years, and the crowning achievement of her career is the I Give You Eternity series – a spicy, fantastical story of forbidden lust and sinful desires inspired by the works of Anne Rice.

Agata Suchocka weaves tales of characters who are far from ordinary, who are alert and alive, with enquiring minds and razor-sharp wit. She chooses to write about the misfits of society, the dregs who have trouble finding their own place, and isn’t afraid to broach uncomfortable, even controversial, subjects in her writing.

Her debut novel, Woła mnie ciemność (Daję Ci  wieczność 1) was first published in 2015, and is now available in English for the very first time as And Then The Darkness Came (I Give You Eternity, Part I). 


More works by this author, including sketches, short stories, and novellas, are available on her blog. 

I Give You Eternity

A journey spanning the centuries, driven by music, passion, and the unquenchable thirst for blood.

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