Alex Rogozinski

Alek Rogozinski is a philologist by education, reporter by profession, and a criminalist by passion – an author of crime novels, that is. He has been associated with the media in various forms for years. He began his career in the mid-90’s at the now-cult Rozgłośni Harcerskiej (Scout Radio), then went on to work at Radio Plus and Warsaw’s Radio Kolor, amongst other things. Since 2007, his mothership has been Party magazine.


He made his author debut in March 2015 with crime novel Ukochany z Piekła Rodem (Beloved From Hell), which won first place on’s bestseller list.

He has two passions in life: Music and travelling. He loves Madonna, and considers Jim Morrison, The Doors, and Kate Bush to be his idols. His dream is to travel the whole world, and eventually settle on an island in the Mediterranean Sea to just write, and write, and write…

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