Current Openings

CK Printworks is now seeking expressions of interest from authors who match the following criteria for our 2018 intakes:

  • Authors located in New Zealand, and

  • Write in either English or te reo Maori. 

CK Printworks is currently in the process of becoming registered as a legal non-profit entity, and as part of that process we would like to bring on a handful of authors in our own country to represent the values that CK Printworks hopes to support in the future. We are especially interested in working with authors who are disabled or suffer from a socio-economic disadvantage, though we are happy to chat with anyone about their needs. If you're not sure, ask! 

If this sounds like you and you're interested in publishing with us, please read jump over to the FAQs for Authors page, or contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. 

We are not currently seeking authors from other countries or languages, but please subscribe to the CK Printworks Internal Newsletter​ if you would like to get an email when that changes. You will not receive any marketing material.

Production Staff

CK Printworks is now seeking expressions of interest from a range of qualified freelance staff who share our vision. Please note before you read any further that these positions will be semi-voluntary in the early days, with a chance to grow into recurring full-paid freelance jobs in the future. We are currently in the process of becoming registered as a non-profit entity, and our long-term goal is to help people who suffer from disabilities or socio-economic disadvantages achieve financial freedom through the creative arts.


In the early days, while the legal and financial aspects of the business are being set up, we are paying our freelance staff a percentage of the net profits from the sales of the book. Once the legal aspects are settled and we start receiving funding, you will be able to choose whether you continue to receive a percentage of the sales of the book for the duration of the author's contract, or whether you would like to be paid out a lump sum in lieu of ongoing royalties. 

We are currently seeking:

  • Line Editors (English, Polish, or te reo Maori)

  • Translators (te reo Maori <-> English)

  • Translators (Polish <-> English)

  • Localisation Editors (English, Polish, Spanish, or te reo Maori)

Please see the FAQs for Production Staff page for more information on how it works here, or fill in the form below to contact us. 

We are not currently recruiting anyone else, but if you are a translator or editor for a minority language and you think we might be interested in your services, please feel free to reach out. 

We are also interested in speaking to children's book illustrators who may be willing to volunteer their services on similar terms.

If you would like to receive an email when we are hiring new staff or authors, please subscribe to the CK Printworks Internal Newsletter. You will not receive any marketing material there, just notifications of new roles we're hiring for, or cool new features for prospective staff and authors. 

Marketing Assistant

CK Printworks is looking for expressions of interest from qualified or aspiring marketing assistants with a speciality in online marketing. While we would prefer to hire a Kiwi for this position, we're willing to consider anyone who speaks English at a native level.


This position is ideal for someone who is housebound due to disabilities but is willing to learn and still capable of using a phone and the internet, or unable to work a regular job for whatever reason. The position will be voluntary to start with, but as the company grows and we start getting more funding, it will become a regular part-time or full-time position with the chance to basically create and manage your own job. 

Contact Us

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