FAQs for Production Staff

Are you interested in becoming a member of the CK Printworks Production Staff? If so, this is the page for you! If you want a bit more background on who we are in general, please check out the About CK Printworks page.

As you've probably already read, we're are now a fully registered charity, but we're still trying to get our funding sorted out. Long-term, we'll be hiring production staff and offering them a decent freelance rate to work for us. Right now, we are recruiting on a semi-voluntary basis. Our volunteers are offered a percentage of future sales with the right to take a lump sum payment in the future once our financing has been sorted. Or, you can keep your percentage. If your book proves popular, that may end up paying you more in the long run! Our volunteers will also be the first ones who are offered paid positions, so that's something else to keep in mind.  

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!  Our whole reason for being is to help, so if we can help we will. 

If you would like to receive an email when we are hiring new staff or authors, please subscribe to the CK Printworks Internal Newsletter. You will not receive any marketing material there, just notifications of new roles we're hiring for, or cool new features for prospective staff and authors. 

Q. What is the percentage you're offering?

A. As a Line Editor, you will be working with books that have not been translated, and you will be required to work closely with the author to ensure the maximum quality of the book. In return, you will be paid 25% of the net profits of the book for the duration of the author's contract, unless you choose to be paid out a lump sum in the future. 

As a localisation editor or a translator, you will be paid 20% of the net profits of the book for the duration of the author's contract, but your work on the book will be fully independent and you do not generally need to liaise with the author.

Q. What qualifications are required?

A. We do not require a formal qualification but we do expect you to be willing to undertake study if necessary. This is especially important for editors, as there are many editors out there who do not have formal qualifications and tend to do a sub-par job. Long term, we plan to be able to help our people acquire the skills and qualifications they need. Not sure? Feel free to ask! 

Q. How long do your contracts last?

A. The standard contracts on our books are five years. Your contract with CK Printworks will be as a freelance contractor, meaning you are free to leave at any time. 

Q. How often will I be paid?

A. You will be paid quarterly, 90 days in arrears. For example, sales that happen in January, February, or March get paid out in early June. An exact schedule will be outlined in your contract. The reason for this is that the major retailers pay us 90 days in arrears, as they have a 90 day return period on some products.  So, you get paid when we get paid. 

Q. What kind of books will I be expected to work with?

A. Science fiction and fantasy mostly, but we can discuss tailoring your projects to suit your personal tastes and experience. Though we do have some books that will not appeal to all tastes (such as erotica), you will not be expected to work with anything that you find personally offensive. You set the limits.

Q. If I choose to take the lump sum, how much will I be paid?

A. The amount is negotiable depending on the quality of your work and your experience. 

Q. What turn-around time do you expect?

A. We totally understand that you'll need time to work on projects that keep a roof over your head in the now, so we'll also tailor your workload to suit how much time you're able to put in. 

Q. Will I be credited for my work?

A. Unless you request otherwise, then absolutely! If you prefer to remain out of the credits, that's fine, too.

Q. Can I list my projects in my resume/portfolio?

A. Yes! So long as you put proper attribution along with it (e.g. the author's name and the publishing house) you are welcome to show off any books you worked on to other prospective clients.

Q. Will you help me upskill?

A. Yes!  That's another perk of working with CK Printworks. Wherever we can, we will actively work with you to help you improve your skills. Our goal is not just to promote our authors, but to help our staff become more valuable as well. 

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