Magdalena Kozak

Magdalena Kozak is a woman with an impressive resume by anyone’s standards: a doctor, a soldier, and an author all rolled into one. Her specialty is emergency medicine, and she has served in numerous places both in and out of the military. Currently, she is working as a doctor-on-board with the Search & Rescue unit of the Polish Air Force, where she carries the rank of lieutenant.


Kozak’s extraordinary resume is reflected in her work as an author. She is well-known in Poland for her unique brand of urban fantasy with a militaristic twist, and her work has been nominated for several prestigious awards.

The Vesper Series

Beneath the world that we know is a secret world, a world of violence and darkness: the world of vampires. From the shadows, the righteous Nighter clan make war on the vicious, soulless Renegades to protect humanity. Perhaps what the world needs is neither good nor evil, but somewhere in between...

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