Marcin Jamiolkowski

Marcin Jamiołkowski is a programming-addicted caffeinist, raised by Atari 65XE and fed by tape recorder, who claims to remember times when video games were transmitted via radio.

Marcin is the author of the Herbert Crow series, staring Warsaw’s magician, an adventurous space-opera named Keller, and several short stories spread out in the world wide web, and gathered into short story compilations. He is a huge fan of drabbles, a form of flash fiction in which authors attempt to hone their craft by telling a full, coherent story in 100 words or less, and believes that they have a specific rhythm. His goal is to find the perfect formula. 

When he isn’t writing programs and smartphone games, Marcin is writing books and imprisoning them in desk drawers. The first sci-fi book he read was Party on the Five Moons by Bohdan Petecki. Since then, he’s fallen in love not only with fantasy, but science fiction as well, and he can’t tell which he likes more.

The Herbert Crow Series

In the dark back alleys of Warsaw, a new threat is stirring. There's only one person who can save the city: Herbert Crow, the magician of Warsaw!

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